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Independent Candidate FOR United States Senate 2016    

FYI, I was the only independent candidate in NY who made the U.S. Senate ballot for 2012 as a true independent.  I campaigned all across NY and spoke to thousands of people.  I for one and many others are tired of the two party system which produces more of the same partisan politics.  The truth is that unless we stand up and vote outside the party then everything is going to remain the same.  Greed and corruption will win over Common Sense and conservation. Decisions will be made for us instead of by us.  Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand never ever ask us what we want, never ask what the people want.  They make decisions based on political contributions and inside deals.  When was the last time either Senator Gillibrand or Senator Schumer took an opinion poll or a referendum vote to determine what the people want?  Never.  They just think they know whats best for us and they don't.  Now we are heading into Syria.  Boy that is a stupid decision.  It is clearly foreseeable that women and children will be portrayed as killed by American bombs.  It is a no win situation.  Why is is that we have to be the ones to fix the world problems?  Where are Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer now?  Why are they not educating us and asking our opinion?  We channel billions of dollars to the mid east either directly or indirectly to Syria.  We arm them then over turn the regime only to place more fanatics in office.

I believe the role of a U.S. Senator should be to act on behalf of the people after the people are advised and asked by way of vote.

I received about 24,000 votes in 2012 all on my own without any political party.  Not bad for a solo practitioner attorney trying to make a difference.  I did this without the backing of a major party and with no political experience.  I was not happy with the placement of my name on the ballot.  I was told my name was hard to find.  It was definitely a full ballot so you had to take your time.  I understand why people vote the party line.  Who really knows anything about all the candidates on the ballot?  Pick six, pick three, pick two, of course people are going to rely on party lines because it's just too much work to be educated on each candidate. 

In any event I am very happy that about 24,000 people took the time to learn about me and decided to vote for me.  I know voting for me was not the easy road of party lines. 


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 After graduating college I worked in Asia(Japan, Korea) for A.F.E.S. (Armed Forces Exchange Services).  I worked on military bases all over Asia and it was a very humbling experience.
Next I left Japan and my work with AFES for law school in Michigan.  I graduated from Thomas Cooley Law School in 1995 and was admitted Into the A.B.A in New York in 1996. During my time in law school I was elected the President of my student body, President of the Italian law society and class representative of the American Bar Association.  I received awards such as most distinguished student. 
         My original Desire that drove me toward becoming a lawyer began when i was a young boy. I had wanted to protect the animals, ocean and the environment.  My father said that if I wanted to make a difference I would first have to become a lawyer. And so I did just that. 
        For many years I wanted to make a bigger difference than i could in my law practice but I needed to take care of my family and build my business first.  This year I have made the decision that I simply cannot wait any longer and watch politicians pass legislation without considering the opinion of the public.
I took it upon myself to see if there are people out there that feel the same way I do.  I collected about 27,000.00 signatures from Long Island, NYC and upstate New York to get the opportunity to be placed on the ballot this November as a candidate for U.S. Senator.  Everyone is looking for a change and I can provide that by being an independent common sense candidate.  
       No more borrowing on the backs of the tax payers.  I have personally experienced the pain that many New Yorkers are feeling. How can you protect yourself from greed and deceit on top of taxes?  I am fiscally conservative and I will fight against spending money we don't have.  It's hard out there and we need to keep as much of our own money in our own pockets as possible.  
            You can trust that I will advocate for common sense and public opinion.  I stand for a Nation where honesty pays off. And the workers have the ability to have their voices heard.
 My legal practice has been predominately litigation, foreclosure defense and debt related matters.  I have tried to save people from the horror of losing their homes to foreclosure and proudly I have been successful.  I have represented individual clients during my entire practice and so I know the trouble New Yorkers are facing.
              I am born and raised in New York and so I know its time to take a stand for this terrific state.  I'm running because I want to return the power to the people.  Everything I want as a candidate I want as a constituent as well.
              I Have set attainable goals not empty promises.  I will make this promise this to you, if I am elected you would have a say.  My focus as senator will be to educate you on the issues and let you decide.  The decisions must be made by the voters of New York, not one person or special interest. To make sure that this is possible I will personally take the initiative to implement a proceduring policy to do so. If we can vote on our school budget, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to vote on taxes, social issues and every bill being voted on in the senate.





This video says a lot about me and where I stand on the issues. Do you feel things are out of control? Do you feel that something has to change, that things are just crazy, that we are heading down the wrong path? Well I do and voting for the President is not enough. I feel that we are losing control over our daily lives. I feel that the Federal government is encroaching upon State rights. That's why I am running for U.S. Senate. U.S. Senators make very important decisions that regulate our lives. It's time to put Mangelli in office to protect you, the silent majority. You are silent because you have other things going on in your lives and maybe you trusted your elected officials to do the right thing. But the time has come to put someone in office that has the courage to stand up for the silent majority. I know there is a silent majority and you must speak up by way of vote. I understand that you have a busy life and that you cannot really get involved with the issues by protesting or having rallies for or against certain issues. But wouldn't you like the opportunity to vote on it in private. If I can provide you with the opportunity to vote on issues of social importance would you? Voting with me will be a way to hold me accountable to you and not be strong-armed by special interest. Think about it. The issues will change but the fact remains that the current Senators will vote according to their best interest not yours. Has Senator Gillibrand or Schumer ever reached out to you and asked your opinion? Senator Gillibrand has been in office for several years and not once has she reached out to the general public and asked our opinion nor has she made that promise this year. Republican challenger Wendy Long thinks she knows whats bests for us but is more of the same. No other candidate has made the promise I'm making. To ask you what you think! To reach out to you, the general public and give you the right to vote on the issues. No one is saying that! Not one. Senator Gillibrand and Wendy Long think they know whats bests for us. Well, you know what, they don't. We should have a say in what's going on before they decide it. Having a say should not equate to protesting. I want them to vote according to majority opinion not special interest.

The main reason I am running is that the politicians make decisions without ever asking us. Once they are in office they forget the people. They don't forget the companies that gave those millions or the party that sponsored them. They forget the public. They forget the fact that they are supposed to be public servants not public rulers. However in an election year they tell us how much they have done for us. However, did they ever ask our opinion? Do they reach out to you or do you have to chase them.

If I was Senator I would be a public servant. First and foremost I would do the public good. It would be my job to reach out to you not the other way around. I work for you and I will never forget that. I will work for every New Yorker and I will not be swayed by special interest. I have a plan to hold myself directly accountable to you, the New York public, my constituents. I will directly ask your opinion on the matters that I am faced with. I will put the Senate agenda on my website and provide an opportunity for you to vote with me on the issues. I will not vote on any laws until you have been advised by me and you have been provided the opportunity to be heard in a private non-confrontational manner. Moreover, I will not spend one minute campaigning for reelection. I heard that elected officials spend 3-4 hours each day fundraising for their re-election. Where do you think Senator Gillibrand's 11 million dollars for her re-election campaign came from? Yet she claims on TV how she challenged her own party not to inside trade. If you spent three hours at work every day looking for another job, would you be employed long? Can you believe that our elected Senators and Congressman had to pass a law restricting them from having stock in a company that they are regulating or passing laws upon? I just can't believe that they had to be pass a law to do that. I believe the same goes for campaign contributions. Are you trying to tell me that 11 million dollars worth of campaign contributions comes without a hitch? What about party lines? If you are backed by a party does that come without a hitch? That's why I am an independent! No hitches. I can just do the right thing.

Let me ask you another thing. My opponents are very rich. Both talk about protecting middle class but neither are middle class. Senator Gillibrand is a multi-millionaire and Wendy Long disclosed over $1,000,000.00 in household income. She claimed she didn't make any money but her husband made over a million dollars. Do you think they are personally concerned with the costs of gas or can they afford it? Do you think they are concerned with the costs of groceries or medical insurance? How can they possibly be looking out for the middle class when they don't have any idea what it's currently like? I know firsthand what it's like because I am experiencing it right there with you. I will fight for the middle, working class because I am one of you. I know what common sense steps we can take to make our lives a little easier.

Let me ask another question. If you were a multi-millionaire why would you want to change anything? Everything apparently financially went well for you so why would you advocate for change? You wouldn't. Millionaires want to be politicians not to be leaders but to be rulers. Well I am no politician and no millionaire.